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Today, Monday the 15th of March, Voyced does it again by adding 15 more countries to its VoIP Mobile Numbers portfolio.

We are giving you some more Virtual (VoIP Mobile) Numbers numbers and this will shortly be followed by the expansion of the TollFree, Geographic, National numbers portfolio.

What are VoIP Mobile numbers?

Mobile DIDs, are mobile numbers but for use on our Hosted VoIP platform.
You will not receive a SIM but you can use this number on our Hosted IPPBX platform and therefore in any VoIP device as a normal DID.

For more information, please see our Knowledgebase article here: What is the difference between the various types of DID?

We are always looking to expand our portfolio so that we can serve our clients even better and hence, we are proud to announce that today Voyced adds 15 more countries to its VoIP Mobile Numbers portfolio. These are available to order right now and delivery should be as quickly you are used to from us.New Product logo

The following country’s VoIP Mobile numbers are ‘new’ at Voyced today

Local DIDs for the following countries have been added to the Voyced VoIP Mobile DIDs/Telephone Numbers portfolio:

    • Austria
    • Belarus
    • Belgium
    • Benin
    • Chile
    • Colombia
    • Germany
    • Ghana
    • India
    • Latvia
    • Macau
    • Nicaragua
    • Sri Lanka
    • Thailand
    • Vietnam

For a Full Overview of our VoIP Mobile Telephone Number options and all our other products, you can Go here

We trust you will be pleased again and that you will find your way to these as easily as you are proving you generally are finding your way to our other offerings.
And know that we are near to help you when you need us.