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 Country specific requirements
When you are ordering a DID port/Number move, please do not pay until we have given you the approval after our verification if we can do that specific port. Thank you.

This is not a product to be ordered, but informational in nature.

This is not a product to be ordered, but informational in nature.

We have several different types of DIDs / telephone numbers that cater for the various ways of using them.

Standard DIDs are generally used for normal SoHo / Business use and for both Inbound and Outbound calls.

Call Center DIDs are for Business use where a greater volume of Simultaneous Outbound connections is needed.

TollFree or FreePhone DIDs are mostly used as a service to the respective clients as the costs for the call is usually paid for by the company that is being called. Typically these numbers can only be called by users in that respective country and they are allowed for Inbound calls only.

UIFN DIDs are similar in use to TollFree but the important difference is that the subscriber number will be identical in all countries that participate.

Inbound Only DIDs have been created for solutions that only need Inbound call handling and will have a high volume of Simultaneous traffic in doing so.

Shared Cost DIDs are for specific situations where bigger volumes of calls are expected and a presence in a larger number of countries will be required. These products have been superseded by our Elastic Pool Solutions.

Elastic Pool Solutions. Our most flexible product range. This option is for bigger corporate solutions where multiple countries need to have the highest peak resilience for inbound / outbound traffic. This is designed to work best with intense marketing efforts and the expected temporary peak in call volumes.

Mobile DIDs, are mobile numbers but for use on our Hosted VoIP platform. You will not receive a SIM but you can use this number on our Hosted IPPBX platform and therefore in any VoIP device as a normal DID.

Specials are defined as any solution that has not already been tackled by the offerings you can already find in our portfolio. If you are looking for something you haven't been able to find, let us know and we'll do out best to help you .. and we usually can.

Voyced Internal DIDs are are proper, full blown VoIP account and can be used for Hosted IPPBX internal functions and the make Outbound calls. They can make calls to anywhere but can not be called directly from outside of our Hosted IPPBX. They can, however, be used in Follow-Me, IVR, etc.

SIP Trunks will add extra Internal and Outbound tracks to your Hosted IPPBX and thus expand the capacity for Internal and Outbound simultaneous calls. SIP Trunks are generally added to your Hosted IPPBX account so that they are available to all DIDs in your account.

Hardware Desktop and DECT phones, from various brands, can be added to your order if you need them. We recommend Yealink as they are the perfect cost / quality offering. They can even be supplied with a basic setup applied so that they are Plug and Play when they arrive. For the cost conscience amongst you, we do have a good array of pre-owned / ex-demo phones as well giving you all the use not the cost.

Don't forget to add the Hosted IPPBX account to your order by adding the following product as well Hosted IPPBX account

Take note There may be regulations and requirements to adhere to in order to be able to use certain DIDs / Telephone numbers in certain countries. Check our Knowledgebase for local DID requirements as it is your responsibility the be able to comply. The allocation of the DID will be completed at the start of the order but if you can't immediately provide the required documentation, this will prevent the activation of the DIDs in question until such time that you do supply those documents. This can even result in the allocated DID being terminated again, by the local operator. In such a case there may be extra cost involved in re-allocating another DID.

For further information on many topics, go to the Knowledgebase


Elastic Pool DID solution Quote
Our Standard, Call Center, Voyced Internal, TollFree and UIFN DIDs as well as our SIP Trunks, IPPBX and Hardware solutions can be ordered by selecting the appropriate Category.

Order this Elastic Pool DID solution Quote.

Please let us know the countries you need to be present in and the simultaneous call peak that needs to be covered.

If you need help with this, please explain how you want to use this solution so that we can give you the best advice.

This option will require a minimum of active 5 countries and will give you a pool of elastically adjusting simultaneous inbound and/or outbound tracks.

Some Examples how this may work.

10 countries with an elastic pool of 100 inbound and 100 outbound tracks can dynamically adjust to
- 2 countries use 25 inbound tracks and the remaining 50 inbound and 100 outbound are used for the other 8 countries
- 1 country has an extra marketing effort and uses 80 inbound tracks that day, with the others being spread over the remaining 20
- there is a combined marketing effort in 3 countries and they will use the majority of the available outbound tracks for calling prospect clients that week, the remainder, at any time, is available for the other 7 countries. The inbound pool is used as needed at any moment as it's available to all numbers until depleted.