Call recording Optionals

Call Recording: Collect, Zip and Save

This option only applies if you already have Standard Call Recording from us (or added that to this same order).

What will this do?
Usually, you have to log in to your Hosted IPPBX environment and download each call recording separately and call recording are only kept for approx a month (depending on their size).

With this option you will get
- All call recording of the day will be zipped into 1 file (day-1 to make sure no call can still be in progress).
- That will be sent to our designated, external server.
- You will get FTP details to pick the files up as and when you need them within 3 months from creation.

  • 1 FTP account
  • 3 months File retention time
  • from 10 Mb Upload (p/d)
  • from 300 mb Disk space (HD)
  • from 1 GB Bandwidth (BW, p/m)
PCI Compliant Call Recording Client service (custom)

A subscription to the PCI Compliant Call Recording facility has a p/month charge that will activate the base service for that client environment + a small charge p/DID account that needs this service activated. We have created the facility is such a way that there are no further p/minute or storage costs at all making this a very affordable solution with no financial surprises afterwards.

Once this service is activated for your client account, and the addon for each specific DID account you need this Call Recording service for, each incoming, outgoing and diverted call is recorded and streamed to the Voyced PCI Compliant Recording facilities.

It is then passed on to a separate, dedicated server cluster (for various reasons, amongst them because it is a resource intensive task and we do not want this functionality to influence the normal call traffic performance) and transformed into a sound file which is playable on any computer or smartphone.

When the conversion is completed (this may take a few minutes) a link to play back the recording is available on the Home screen in the special Voyced PCI Compliant Recording Hosted Interface environment.

Do not forget to purchase the addon for each of the specific DID-accounts that you want this Call Recording service activated for in your personal client area.

Take note You do not have to add recording to all your DIDs but those not included will not be recorded. This is important to realise if you use Internal forwarding, for example.

Starting from
£49.95 Setup Fee
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