Hosted IPPBX (Virtual/Online management) accounts *

Virtual/Hosted IPPBX account (custom)

This can only be used for DID's that are supplied by Voyced and this is Not a Test / Trial product!

With this Virtual / Hosted IPPBX access account you will get the IPPBX environment created and the login send to you.

Do add this to your first order/account if you want to use the online Voyced Hosted / Virtual IPPBX solution and therefore want to be able to access your numbers, your call records, your current TopUp balance and further configuration of your DIDs.

If you only order SIp trunks, your Hosted IPPBX account will reflect this.

We advise you to always add your TopUps to this account so that all DIDs in your account can use the call credit.