Test VoIP accounts

Test Business VoIP account (7 days)

This includes

1) A proper geographic VoIP telephone number (auto assigned from our pool of UK/NL test numbers)

2) Full access to the standard Voyced IPPBX functionality

3) + a maximum of £5 credit to make/receive calls (not upgradable).

This will give you ample opportunity to test the quality, reliability, flexibility and the functionality of our Hosted IPPBX, its extensive options and our connectivity.

This account is not adjustable, expandable, renewable or refundable and will be active for 7 days and will completely auto-terminate.

Any of our test products, which you can only buy once, helps you to experience the functionality, flexibility and quality of the Voyced Hosted IPPBX system first-hand. You can register a VoIP device (hardware or software), make and receive calls and test the functions of the Hosted IPPBX environment for this number. The only difference between the normal products and our test product is that this will fully disappear when the test period is over.

There is no better way of knowing how things works or its quality apart from actually using them. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.