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We’ll supply you with commercial grade VoIP line, wherever you want it.
Each number comes with all the facilities you want and need and installing it is as easy as ABC


  • Perfect quality
  • Secured technical future
  • works with all hardware that is SIP compatible
  • amazing flexibility
  • and let’s not forget that its pricing will pull you in for sure


Just let us know what and perhaps how many numbers you want and in what country*.
We can port the one you have now or supply new ones or a combination.

* we will be attaining global coverage as soon as possible, until then, you can check availability with us, please.

Who for?

Everyone is the answer we’d like to give, but that’s just not possible.

We are actually geared towards business users. Within that market there are various possibilities for the various scenarios, so let us help you whether you’re a homeworker, an SMB or a multinational.
For each of these groups the needs, use and therefore the solution and costs might be very different, but you know you can all rely on that same top quality for a give-away price.

Who are we?

We are specialists at running a commercial carrier-grade platform and have been working with this quality of VoIP connections for many years now.


We’ve set up a system to be fully redundant and expandable to the point of being silly. To do this, we’ve selected the very best hardware and software so that we can handle as many calls as needed.


As an extra safeguard, we have everything in place to deliver instant expansion as and when required. We can add thousands of concurrent calls in a matter of hours should that ever be needed.


The sky’s the limit.