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You, our clients

You, our (potential) clients are who we do all this for and we can do this in an ever-growing number of countries. We can deliver our services in over a 165+ countries now and we’re adding more when we can.

We will always give you the very best quality and the most flexible solution, the best support and still the very best price in the business. You can count on us the be there for you so you can be there for your clients too.

Voyced clients
Voyced sales team


The Sales Team will help you find the best solution for your situation. If you are unsure about the solution to choose or if you need a special quote or solution made, these are the guys and gals that will help you.

After Sales / Purchase

Once you are a client at Voyced and you have Sales and/or product related enquiries you will be served by either the Sales or the After Sales Team.

They will ensure you get all the answers and tools to be and stay happy. This is also the team that is responsible for all purchases and vendor / operator contracts.

Voyced aftersales / purchase team
Voyced support team


They are your first port of call when you come across something that doesn’t seem to work as it should. They will help you if you solve it or point you in the right direction to get it solved.

2nd Line Support / Technical

If the support team member that is helping you can’t solve the issue they may escalate your support call to 2nd line support to help them out or even transfer your case I’ve to them. Our support ticket system will make sure they get he whole history of the issue at hand so you won’t have to repeat anything.

You would normally not talk to them directly, but you can be sure they will do whatever they can to help you if you have a technical issue as they will support all support and sales teams. They are also responsible for the innovations and the testing and implementations of any new services and products that are thought up by the R&D Team.

Voyced 2nd line support / technical team
Voyced billing team


Any queries that are related to your invoices and the financial administration will be dealt with by the Billing Team. You may never speak any one from here directly, but you can rest assured that they are working hard in the background to make sure all financial transactions are dealt with in a speedy and correct way.

MarCom / Social Media

What needs the be expressed by the company, at what point in time and where? If we are planning a new special offer, will it be for new or for the existing clients specifically?
All (digital) communication is overseen and coordinated by these professionals.

Voyced MarCom / Social Media team
Voyced R&D team

R & D

The R&D Team’s main objective is to investigate the technical and commercial feasibility and viability of any new services that they come up with. Their inspiration comes from new techniques that appear, client requests for certain services and their own imagination. We let their brains wander and wonder and the results of that are often astounding and some of those ideas go through all the steps and either enhance or improve an existing service or are created into a new service offering.


It is the Management Team’s responsibility that everything runs as smoothly as possible and that everyone, clients and employees, are as content as possible. The general company strategy and philosophy are interpreted by them and implemented across the company. Voyced has always had a strong vision of the near and slightly further future and it is up to the management team to steer the company there. If management does their job well all those involved in Voyced will develop further and flourish.

If you have any remarks about the Company, us or any of the above teams, please Let us know. We want to hear from you about any issue (good or bad) as that is the only way we’ll be able to improve if something went wrong or reward if someone went above and beyond your expectations.

Voyced management team

The whole Voyced family working together

Voyced Team