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Where do we come from and how did we get where are we now
(the short version)


1st computer experience

Dabbling with the first computer to see what it was all about. If you really want to know, it was a Sharp MZ 700 that was on display at a local store. As long as no potential customer was looking at it, we were allowed to use it. Trying to make sure we saved our few lines of code to a tape (who remembers those cassettes?) so that we could continue next time.

Changing landscapes

At the beginning of the 90’s computers were getting more readily available and Personal Computers were actually things that would fit in your house and were almost affordable. The graphics industry made the transitions from coding to WYSIWYG. Seeing there made us realize that there is more to both ends then meets the eye. Apple started making things pretty and Microsoft was gaining momentum with it’s Windows V3.x.

VoIP telephony.

The new forms of Internet connection and speed make it possible to develop other and perhaps more demanding services. The reliability improves and services like VoIP are being tested and carefully deployed.

We start with our own service (under a different name) and soon find that quality is most important for our clients as most of them are businesses.


A new idea is born

An new way of thinking is conceived. In this day and age, when all borders are disappearing and people that live on the other side of the world often seem to be closer then your neighbour, why is it that getting in touch with them is still all boxed up. Why are there borders and boundaries in the border less digital age?

The idea for ‘Voyced – One World of Communication’ is born and plans are made.


Planning, testing, adjusting and getting it perfect

As the idea of loosing all borders is a biggy we need to make sure everything is working at the level of performance and quality that we ourselves would demand from that kind of service.

Choices are made, people are being asked to do the work where their passion lies and building, testing and experimenting is at it’s peak performance.


It works and then some!

All tests passed with flying colours. Strain testing proves that the choices that are made with regards to people, hardware and software are perfect. Working With PortaOne makes sure that calls are running at Commercial Grade level and the platform is both robust and extremely expandable.

Initial “testing” clients have been ecstatic.



everything has been running smoothly and any hiccups that do occur are handled swiftly and with care. The decision is made and the service is allowed to go live in the final group of ‘beta’ testers. Even under a heavy loads all services stay up and running as they should, so there is nothing to hold this new, remarkable service back anymore …

We have a lift off!


Expanding services

As all the dust of creative and technical whirlwinds settles down a bit we start looking at new and amazing extra services that we can build on this platform we created. We would just be happy with what we have if we can actually give you more. There are already multiple services in Beta, like Call Center solutions, Calling Cards and Local Number services.

Once they are given the Go!, we will add them to our list and you’ll be happily surprised.


Main focus: Coverage en User Experience

Our year 2014 focus will be on two main areas, local presence in more countries then ever before so that we’ll be able to create and deliver you your DID’s in all those countries and creating an even more user friendly interface for the IPPBX.

We’ve already started adding more countries at the beginning of January and we’ll add more every single week, perhaps for the rest of the year even! See keep a good eye on the Coverage page to see where we are at.


Main focus: Coverage en User Experience

We are aiming to be present in all major countries in the world with Geographic and non-Geographic DIDs / telephone numbers.  We will also add Toll Free / Freephones numbers and services to our portfolio.

We will also optimize the IPPBX web environment and bring the up to date with functionality and look-n-feel.

A new project called ‘Usability Interface’ is started to bring part of the IPPBX functionality into the Client Web portal so that certain functions can be seen / changed without even having to log in to the IPPBX web interface.

We’ll be expanding our direct marketing efforts to the top 10 countries in Europe with an aim to gain a substantial market share in the Business segment in those countries and therefore becoming a major player in those markets.


Main focus: Expanding our Customer base

Everything will be in place to facilitate substantial extra growth of the client base. We will be aiming at at least tripling our total client base this year.

The ‘Usability Interface’ should be taking shape and gaining momentum. A select number of clients will be asked if they want to actively participate by giving feedback and/or testing new proposals. It is all about making it easier and simpler for the client after all.


Main focus: Stabilizing Customer and Services base

After substantial growth one needs to verify where processes and services can be further optimized and/or even adjusted. Intense use of a user base that has grown that much might have brought to light areas where (significant) improvement would benefit all.

Main focus: ......

2018 and beyond will be very different from what and how we use communication compared to what we are used to now. We aim to be at the technical forefront of these changes without bringing any ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’ risk to our users and services.