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If you are not sure what you need to start using a Voyced Business VoIP telephone line, we made this extremely easy to follow 3-step plan for you.

What can you expect from Voyced?


We deliver our services in and for 165+ countries. Which are they, come and have a look. And if you can not find what you need, drop us a line, we may be able to help anyway.

Call Rates

Of course you want to know what we will charge you for a call. Well, we will do our utmost to make sure we charge you as little as possible to each and every destination in the world. (Premium Plus quality!)

DIDs / Phone Numbers

Go here to see pricing information, order your  DIDs / Telephone Numbers, hardware and quotes.

Hosted IPPBX

Get the information you need about our Hosted IPPBX solution and the Functions that are available to you as standard.

Our Service & Support is very important to us.

We get consistently high marks and in the last 3 year, it got an average of 9.63 out of 10. Here are some real-life client Experiences.

There was an invoice unpaid but a positive balance on another account; they handled that very kindly and correctly, as usual with utmost care.
Best Telecom company ever!
Best service, but also great technology.
Great work as usual.
Really quick response and you understood my problem exactly, offering relevant and helpful advice.
Thank you.
Just to say that I found the responses to my queries very helpful indeed, and led me quite quickly to decide I would open an account with Voyced. Which I am now about to do!
Thanks again for your help, Richard.
It was a great experience as always, I really appreciate that you provide “DIY” solutions as well as being helpful on the backend!
As this was a great experience, nothing has to chance – I’m looking forward to become a customer beginning of July – Thanks a lot.
I would like to thank you and all Voyced team for your professionalism in taking care of your customers!
Timely and accurate response.
You understood my problem and fixed it without me having to do anything more than report it – fantastic! I had been grappling with it for a month!
Thank you.
As good and fast as usual and expected.
Thank you for your prompt, courteous, and professional response to my inquiry.
I am very pleased with the support both through webchat and email response.
Top notch as usual. Keep it up. Great team.

Latest News

Don’t worry. Apple may be making changes in iOS 13 regarding VoIP and messaging apps but we are prepared.

Apple will be changing Push Notifications and yes, we’re already developing/adjusting our Solution By now, you may have heard that Apple is changing the way VoIP apps will be allowed to work on iOS 13. But you don’t have to worry about these changes. Your Voyced SoftPhone app (VoIP app) will continue the work, and you won’t […]

3 Ways You Can Increase Sales Without ‘Selling’

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New: Fanvil X210 High-end Enterprise IP Phone is available for order!

New Fanvil X210 IP Phone and we help them celebrate X210 is a high-end enterprise IP phone for users who need to get access to flexible and advanced features. They need to be able to handle medium to high call volumes in their daily work. Featuring 10 DSS keys on the 4.3″ main colour display. […]

20190322: Rescheduled Upgrade of the Voyced platform to v6.0 – Step 2.

Dear Clients, This is the planning of the rescheduled upgrade of the Voyced Hosted IPPBX platform to the next stable version, V6.0, over the weekend of March 22nd – 24th 2019. Service Affected: As always, any upgrade will be tested very extensively in our testing environment before actual implementation so that the upgrade on the live […]

A few of our real-life, general client Testimonials & Experiences

I would like to thank you for a very quick and easy setup and a great user experience (the line quality is noticeably better than my local mobile connection!).
The flexibility of your IPPBX system is fabulous, so that was a pleasant surprise. I even managed to build a basic IVR in under 10 minutes. Thank you!
Peter- Azeredo & Luc. Faro, PT
Dear Voyced Team,
let me kindly Thank you for your excellent support and willingness to help me in the query of setting VoIP number out of CZ and PL. Even I have no any experience with such an issue before, your guidance in the step by step procedure was smooth, polite and just easy!
I really appreciate your human professionalism in taking care of your customers!
Martina- Discover Travel. Prague, CZ
We needed to roll-out reliable and high-quality voice communications at 10+ locations worldwide. Following several tests and trials, we were lucky to discover Voyced and to realise we do not have to look elsewhere. Enterprise-grade trunks, voice clarity, easy configuration, broad international coverage – exactly what we have been looking for.
On a separate note I should acknowledge the style of Voyced team, which has been professional and friendly. Instantaneous responsiveness of sales and support departments has well exceeded our expectations.
Alexander- Quadrum Investment Management Ltd. London, UK

Just a quick note to say thanks for the help with your products and the great support I get from Voyced. We are very glad we chose Voyced as our provider for SIP. Many thanks
Sebastian- Loxone Electronics. Kollerschlag, AT

We had been looking for a solution that would cover all our requirements and found Voyced. Good prices and still a top-notch service, just perfect. Thank you.
David- London, UK

Having 1 system where all the numbers and accounts of our international subsidiaries connect is so much easier. Just one reliable partner to talk to and get our services done saves so much time. We are very happy. Merci.
Daniel- Paris, FR

Some additional options, solutions and VoIP Services are:

We have many more options available which will help you get the best out of your VoIP communication needs. All based on the same principle, the best quality for the best price. If you have any questions about these services and how they can help you, please do get in touch with us. We’ll support you as best we can.

Call recording

We have Standard and PCI Compliant Call recording options available for you. You don’t have to think about this as it will record every incoming and outgoing call and can even forwarded calls. Peace of mind and a great security and training tool!

IVR - Voice Response recording

We will have your IVR/Automated Attendant Voice prompts recorded by a professional Voice-over artist. Now available in over 50 different languages and even some specific accents. It is a lot cheaper than you think to get professional quality IVR prompts. It will make the World of difference to your clients.
This option is only available to Voyced clients and for use in their Voyced Hosted IPPBX IVR.

Call Conferencing

Whether you need Call Conferencing occasionally or all the time, we have the solution that supports you. Simple and very price effective, giving you exactly what you need including ease of use. Local numbers available in ever more countries also make this a very cost-effective option.

Telephone Extensions

It is best to make sure every VoIP device has its own account. This will give you the greatest flexibility and reliability. It will also make supporting and maintaining your users much simpler and online. Whether you want only a few telephone extensions or your user base is bigger, no problem at all. Get 10, a hundred or thousands of extensions, we’ve got you covered. And you’ll like our pricing and services, we’re certain of that.

Our SoftPhone

We created our SoftPhone app to run on either iOS or Android and to be the most reliable option out there. We know how important your calls are to you and your business. Let us help you gain the greatest flexibility yet keep the top reliability you need.

Virtual offices

There are still many countries that have strict Laws and requirements. To help you obtain local telephone numbers, we have created a vast network of affordable Virtual office options. Tell us what you need and we’ll make you an offer that is set up quickly and reliable in use.

Order all your National & International Virtual Phone Numbers here!

We have the cheapest and most reliable DIDs in over a 165+ countries and we are expanding even further.

Our Telephone numbers start from an incredible £2 only and most will include the Hosted PBX for Free!

We can help you with all types of VoIP numbers, be it Standard Geographic or National, Toll Free numbers, Freephone numbers, UIFN, VoIP Mobile, Call Center, Inbound Only or Elastic Pool numbers.