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Voyced and Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility runs through the very core of Voyced. From the very start we have all been aware of everything around us and how we all affect each other. How every action and decision defines what will happen next and how this has an impact and we are very serious about this. Although we are a commercial company, we don’t have to, nor would we ever want to, ignore our habitat and all that lives, breathes and moves in it.

So what does that mean for us:


All computer and building that we use and occupy use green energy and are selected to be as low power consumption as possible. This is perhaps where it starts. If we switch of the lights when we go out of a room, keep the heating at a normal level and use power efficient machines and the likes, we use less energy, it’s a simple as that. And opting for Green energy makes sure that all the energy we do use gets produced in an environmentally safe way.

Waste policy.

We try to produce as little waste as we can and we sort it for collection. All documents and data are stored digitally and any paper that does come into the company gets digitised as soon possible helping us to lower the overhead in storage space, heating / cooling and maintenance.

Salary policy.

All employees within Voyced have to get a proper pay as we value the input and work of each and everyone that is involved, but all salaries are maximised. This creates an atmosphere of trust, fairness and equality.

Social awareness.

When Voyced as a company does financially well and all costs, salaries, etc. are paid for and there is money ‘left over’, we will use the extra money to educate, and possibly even take in, people that have lost their spot in the work space. Taking in people and teaching them about technique, IT and / or perhaps even sales. Getting them back into the normal working week and being appreciated for their contribution and work. Perhaps they get a chance to stay on at Voyced afterwards, that would be perfect, but whatever happens, they will have a good chance on getting a job anyway as their skill set and their mindset has been updated to be able to get and hold down a job in these modern times.

Helping each other.

If we all help each other, the world is a much better place, so let’s not think why but why not!