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GDPR and how Voyced handles this

From the 25th of May 2018 a new European Law, called the GDPR, will come into effect. We feel that we have always already abided by the rules and regulations that this new law stipulates but we will make some small adjustments to makes sure that we fully comply, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Our commitment to openness, privacy and honesty

We fully commit to being open and honest about everything we do and what data we need for this. We have a web page that will always be kept up-to-date with regards to any legal and privacy information so please find all you need here.

What data do we collect and how do we use it

We collect some data when you visit our website, when you sign up and when you use our services.

Most of this is to make sure we serve you as best as we can, to find out where issues or challenges may lie so we can make sure we tackle them and to identify where we may be doing good or bad. This is also needed to prevent abusive use and therefore protect ourselves and our users from users with malintent. Almost all data is kept in such a way that it is impossible to connect the data to a specific user. This is because we do not link those if we don’t have to and to maintain the highest possible privacy possible.

We will never sell this information nor give this information to any company that doesn’t belong to our group unless we have a legal obligation to do so. Some data may be collected by companies/services that we hire but they and we are committed to not letting your data be used in any different way than described.

In other words, your data is safe with us.

What type of data do we use for that:

  • Cookies (to make sure the website can work as it does and so we can examine the way the website is used)
  • Eye/Heatmap tracking (this helps us in examining the way the website is used so that we can see an issue and/or better tailor the website use to the user’s needs)
  • Your IP number (this helps to prevent abuse and we can use this to lock out people with malintent)
  • Your Clientarea login date and time (so we all know who used your part of the site)
  • When you register with us as a client, we will also register you and your companies details as we will need this for supplying our services, invoicing, tax purposes, local authorities, our communications with you, etc
  • If we have your mail address we will use this for commercial mailings, which you can opt-out of, and for service related communication you can not opt-out off.
    This last is a must as this will mean we can send you your invoice, inform you about services changes and the likes.

External providers that we may use:

(depending on your specific use of the website)

  • Web application Firewall and Brute Force Detection
  • Eyetracking – Heatmap (by StatsOnWeb)
  • StatsOnWeb
  • Live chat providers
  • Website and E-mail provider
  • Local and International telephone and telephone connection providers
  • Maxmind Fraud prevention
  • FraudRecord Fraud prevention
  • Disposable and compromised free E-mail account prevention
  • Internal and external Web application Firewall and Brute Force detection and prevention.
  • Reputation Black Lists

Your data

You can see almost all data that we keep on you in your client account. Some cookie and analytical data will not be visible there and in that case, it means that your data has been anonymised.

Data retention.

We do not keep data for longer than needed or legally required. You can always request us to delete your data and we will do so as quickly as possible unless there is a lawful reason why we can’t yet and in that case, it will be deleted as soon as we are allowed to do so.

Data Portability.

You can always request a copy of your (generic) data.
Please send do so by sending the request to sales @ voyced . eu with as subject: Data Portability request

Data security

Voyced takes the security of our systems and your data very seriously en we take al the appropriate steps to make sure they will all stay safe and private. If you feel that they are not secured well enough or if you suspect a data breach, please get in touch to discuss this by starting a ticket from the Clientarea or by sending an E-mail to sales @ voyced . eu with as subject: Security concerns.