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Our philosophy is to give, whatever savings we can create, back to our clients and we just made a huge step forward. As we are growing we get more and more volume and with that we get better prices / contracts from our suppliers and you benefit from these better deals.

We slashed the prices of almost all telephone numbers/Standard DIDs

As these better prices have come into play we have been able to bring down the cost of almost all Standard DIDs substantially but some have come down a staggering 67% or so! Yes, you read that correctly, some DIDs are only 33% of the cost that they were before.

So what is keeping you?

Climb on the Voyced wagon, get your telephone numbers here and find out why Voyced is growing as much as it is. Top quality service, most flexible solutions, best prices, cheapest call rates and did I already mentioned that our Support team, in case you do need some help after all is second to none. We always ask our clients to help us improve and last month our clients graded our support an amazing 9.5 average and we are very proud of that.

Of course we have already updated the pricing for all of our current clients so that they will benefit from this new and lower cost on their next invoice and our shop has already been updated as well so you can take full advantage of these new, lower prices right now.

We slashed the prices of almost all telephone numbers, so get your standard telephone numbers / DIDs here