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Dear Customer,

We would like you to know about the following changes in availability and of Sales and Support staff over the coming Holiday period and send you a heartfelt End of Year message.

As usual, during the Xmas and New Years holiday period there will be less staff on call so there will some changes to our opening/support hours. This will commence on Saturday the 22nd of December 2018.

All essential services and maintenance sessions will, of course, continue as normal and there are enough sales, porting, administrative, 1st and 2nd level support staff on call at all times to handle any situation where their expertise is required. The 24/7 monitoring of all our systems and services will also continue as normal so service will be at the normal, excellent level as you all have come to expect from us.

Webchat, however, will only be available when there is enough staff available to cover it properly. As we will be working with a skeleton staff it may take a little longer for non-urgent requests and enquiries to be dealt with. We will deal with all support requests as they come in but we may not respond as quickly as you have come to expect from us and would like to ask to be a little more patient in case it takes us a little longer to get to you. We will also prioritise the support requests that do come in so that any loss of service type requests get handled before general support requests.

Looking back on 2018

For Voyced, 2018 was an amazing and exciting year again. We have been able to welcome many new clients, large and smaller, from all around the globe. This year we have again added many new countries to our portfolio, the counter is at well over 165 countries right now, and have been able to lower many subscription charges. We also implemented many new options and services and we improved many other processes and services. Our call charges have dropped significantly too and we’re (on track of becoming) the best solution which also has the lowest rates. Something we hear back from you, our clients, time and time again and this is something we are proud of as we never sacrifice quality or reliability to do so.

We are ending the year on a high again and we are especially proud that we have helped so many existing and new clients. Many of you have given us feedback on the performance of our support team and with great pride, we can now announce that your yearly average feedback score has increased yet again and came in at an amazing 9.65 out of a possible 10!
This means that we’re improving in this area too but there is always room for improvement still but what an amazing score already, don’t you agree?!

Furthermore, whilst creating more stability and adding services, Voyced, again, has managed to show a very healthy grow every single month. We thank you, all clients that have put their trust and business in our hands.

Looking ahead to 2019

We thank all our clients for their business and trust in us and we are convinced that 2019 is going to be even better, bigger and brighter.
There are many further improvements and new additions, functions and services planned and everything is set to go …
so, let’s make it happen.

We wish you all a very festive and wonderful Xmas and New Years period, if you celebrate.
A celebratory and relaxing time is upon us and we will be back in full force from the 7th of January.

With best wishes, thank you for giving us your trust and support and the warmest regards

Hein Kuenen
General manager

and the whole Voyced Team



PS We may just drop a few special deals over the holiday period. So please do follow and like the site and the various social media channels as they are likely to be announced on a certain channel only! Have a wonderful time 😉