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New product: Audio Conferencing instance, AdHoc use

The first Big News of the Year is about a totally new service called New product: ‘Audio Conferencing instance, AdHoc use’ or in other words, a cheap and flexible Audio Conferencing solution that is specifically created for AdHoc use with Local Access Number in 55+ countries! This service will help you get your telephone conferences up and running in no time and for the lowest cost possible.

How many local access countries are there?

We call it 55+ as it is changing rather rapidly and the counter is at 60 countries at the moment.

What are the running cost of this specific Audio Conferencing solution?

The costs break down in 2 parts.

1) A small monthly subscription to define how many simultaneous users can use the conferencing instance and.

2) Per Conference you have: For each and every country the access number has a p/minute – p/user cost. We try to keep these as low as possible and this ensures that you can use the local access numbers that are in your user’s country (or very close to them) and still keep the cost as low as we can.

That is it. That’s all you pay.

For more information and a Quote, get in touch with us now.

Explain how this works, please.

The Admin of the conference starts the conference by dialing into 1 of our local Access Numbers and logs in as an Administrator. The users log in through their local Access number (anywhere in the world).

Basically, from that moment on the conference has already started.

There are a multitude of extra functions for the Admin and the Users to use.

More information will be available when you sign up for the service.


Take Note:

This service is in a Pre-release state now, therefore is not available yet, but should be available in the next week(s). If you order Before the Release date you will get a discount, being Free setup of the solution, with the following code: 3IDL8J11WS-PreOrdC
Take note that this code will only be available to the first 50 subscribers or Until the service is released for general use (whichever comes first), so be quick!