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The current situation

We are very concerned about the pandemic that is sweeping the planet at this time and we are being cautious and aware of what we should and should not be doing.

Any face-to-face appointments and/or (presence at) events have already been cancelled until the end of this month, but longer if needed. Because we work from various locations, we naturally spread our risk of being negatively affected by this. Extra measures have been put in place.

What precautions are being taken by most companies

As many employees are now working from home we have decided to help businesses work as best and flexible as they can.

All setup costs of Standard DIDs and Voyced Extensions are strongly reduced and most are even set to £0.00 !

(This offer applies to completed orders and lasts until the 31st of March 2020. It may be extended but we’ll have to see how the situation evolves.)

How can we help you?

As a business you want your employees to be safe, so working from home makes sense, but if they pick up the phone and call a client you want to be sure the quality of the calls is top-notch and that the client sees your company’s telephone number not someone’s private or no number.
This is where our solutions come in.

Once you sign up with us you can have access to our systems and facilities almost instantly and your users will be online as quickly as possible. This could often even be within minutes or hours.
Each employee has their own extension that will show the Company telephone number when they place a call.

We also have an extra large stock of hardware, wired VoIP phones, for the highest reliability. More stock is coming in soon, so we can send out devices with great speed. Optionally you can add our device setup service in which case the phone will arrive all ready to be used, plug ‘n play at its best. Alternatively, you can opt for them using our SoftPhone app on their Smartphone and be online and making calls even faster.

Whilst your new number(s) are being created or your existing number(s) are being moved to us, your employees can already make calls out through our systems with the low cost and high quality that it brings with it. As soon as the activation and/or porting is completed, the calls in will come through our systems too, with all the extra options you get with us … for free!

When you place the order, do NOT pay the invoice yet but contact us with the promo code: 3TWR9AP5DP-Covid191.
If you do so, we’ll try and lower the setup cost as much as we can and we’ll send you an adjusted invoice. We’ll specifically indicate that that is the invoice to be paid.
Take note: Once you’ve paid an invoice we cannot amend this any more, so please make sure you contact us first!

These are 5 ways that we will help you and your business.
1) Temporarily reduced or 0 setup cost on Standard DIDs and Extensions.
2) Easy and quick setup and implementation.
3) The very best support to help you if you need our help
4) The best and most flexible VoIP solution from now on with our services available in over a 165+ countries
5) The highest obtainable quality and yet still saving lots of money

We’re here to support you and if you have any questions, please reach out by E-mail, ticket, phone or webchat!

With kind regards

Management and the whole Voyced team


By now, Coronavirus / Covid-19 has infected [covid19-ultimate-text] people around the world and [covid19-ultimate-text indicator=”deaths_rate”] of them passed away…
Please stay safe

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