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‘Black Friday’ deal: a Massive £25 discount on the setup of all new UIFN solutions!

Ok, what do we call this, the 3rd ‘Black Friday’ day?
Let’s name it Lightgrey Sunday.

Today will also be the last ‘Black Friday’ deal of this year and we’re ‘going out’ with a bang!
You will get an earth-shattering £25 discount on the setup of a new UIFN (Unified International FreePhone Number) solution!
Wow, we’re sure you’ll want some of that if you are serious about a multi-country customer or sales solution for your company?

Ok, what does that mean in real terms, you ask?

Apply for a quote using the promo code and we will create the quote and will apply the discount. As with the normal TollFree offer that we had yesterday, you will then have until the end of the day on Monday the 27th to approve the quote and complete the order to qualify for that discount.

And don’t forget that this discount applies to the initial setup cost of every UIFN solution so you will get your solution with all the UIFN TollFree number in that quote even cheaper! And as you know, a UIFN solution means that you will have a TollFree solution in each of the countries you want with the Very same Subscriber number in Each country! How good and clear is that in your communication efforts?!


Starting or moving to the excellent Voyced Hosted IPPBX and VoIP system is always very easy and now it’s even cheaper.

Hurry though as the offer only lasts for the one day …
and use promotional code 72AEUYWN0ZBF173 for your order from here: Request your discounted UIFN quote here!

The Special Offer is valid for the 1, indicated day only so you do have to hurry a little bit as the offer stops when time run out. The discount may not be visible during the ordering process so you can always add it to the quote information as well, so you are sure that it will be applied. This discount is only available for completed quote requests on the day of the promotion.

Obviously, even if the deal has finished, we are still very happy to welcome you as a client with our normal very competitive prices and amazing quality.

Hurry and share this deal with as many of your friends as possible, they’ll thank you for it!

Don’t wait any longer as stocks will be gone so get your ‘Black Friday’ deal: a Massive £25 discount on the setup of all new UIFN solutions.