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We are going to implement a major jump and upgrade the Voyced Hosted IPPBX platform to the next stable version, V9.5.1, over the weekend of 18 – 19 – 20 – 21 March 2022.
(This is the replanning of the earlier, postponed upgrade.)


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Over the last year and a bit, we have invested heavily in extra hardware, testing and adding functionalities to our Hosted IPPBX solution.

Some of these functionalities have already been ‘released’ into the wild (some in a smaller group, some for everyone already) without actually notifying you.
This will all change from now on as we have many more functions and services already lined up and we’ll let you know and communicate more to let you know.

Read the whole announcement here

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We thank you for your patience and understanding and apologise for the inconvenience that this essential maintenance work may cause. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact our technical support team.

Kind Regards

the Voyced Technical team

Take note: If you currently implemented IP numbers rather than our FQDN in any of your devices (such as firewalls), please reach out to us with a ticket asap as this whole exercise will mean (some of) our IP numbers will change!