Kérjük, today you get 25% off a Hungarian DID

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1 Day Sale.
Kérjük, today you get 25% off a Hungarian DID!

On the 7th day of September we are already at the 7th incarnation of our 1 Day Sale offer. Will this be the last one?Hungary is one of the countries I always of which I forget how long it’s been a part of the Europe as we know it as its name goes back to the 7th century. And so many things that we all know come from Hungary and I’m not just talking about Goulash. The English word “coach” came from the Hungarian kocsi (“wagon from Kocs” referring to the village in Hungary where coaches were first made). And who will ever be able to forget Ernő Rubik, the man who invented Rubik’s Cube and had / has us all addicted to it for absolute ages. Örülök, hogy ismerlek, Magyarország.

Welcome to the 7th day of the 1 Day Sale!

There is only a limited amount of DIDs set aside for this so you’d better hurry!

Come over to Voyced and get your Hungarian DID, and others of course, here!

You can order the Hungarian Standard DID here with the promotion code: 07_Z2SFKMC503_HU

The discount will be visible during the ordering process, so do check properly if you have entered it correctly. If you have and the discount doesn’t apply to your order, we’re sorry but all the discounted subscriptions have been taken or the sale period is over.
This discount is only available for a limited number of clients, the areas that we supply Standard DIDs in and today, the 7th of September 2015. This offer ends at midnight.
We are still very happy to welcome you as a client with our normal very competitive prices.

Hurry and share this deal with as many of your friends as possible, they’ll thank you for it!

Don’t wait any longer as stocks will be gone. The ‘1 Day Sale. Kérjük, today you get 25% off a Hungarian DID!’ is only valid while ‘stocks’ and time lasts.