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The Voyced VoIP Reseller requirements

What do we expect from you and what can you expect from us?

Obviously, there are some thing to do and don’t do with regards to a winning and thriving partnership.

What will Voyced help you with?

  • We will create a Virtual ITSP instance for you in which you have full control over your clients.
  • Our IPPBX offerings run on the world leading PortaOne platform.
  • You don’t have to invest in this very expensive software and hardware solutions but you do have the quality of a commercial Grade platform at your disposal.
  • Our solutions are flexible and stable enough to add thousands of extra concurrent calls each day, if that need arises, so don’t let volume hold you back
  • We supply you with telephone numbers in all the countries that we can / are allowed to so that your VoIP offering will be as complete as can be. The number of countries that we can supply you with numbers for is always increasing, so please check the website regularly.
  • Our call tariffs are under non-stop scrutiny to make sure that they are simply the best possible tariff’s.
  • Creation of new numbers and porting in of existing numbers will be done as swiftly as possible, but always making sure there is the minimum risk/duration of downtime.
  • Our platform is under permanent surveillance to make sure that it runs as smooth as always.
  • We will support you supporting your clients. You do the first line of support, but if there are issues that you can’t figure out, we’ll be there to help you.
  • We will strive to give you all the functionality you may want and need. We are forever improving and expanding our platform.

What do we require from our Resellers?

To get to know you and what you want and need we would like you to answer the following questions as this gives a little insight into what you and your company want to get out of this partnership. This helps us define which of our solutions is the best fit for you.

General business questions:

  • What is the line of business you are in?
  • When did you start this business?
  • How many people are involved/working for in your business?
  • How many clients (approximately) does your business have?
  • What is the (computer) education level of your staff and support personnel?
  • What is your target audience for your VoIP offering?
  • How do you communicate with your clients?
  • Do you advertise, and if so, how and where?
  • Do you intend to advertise this VoIP offering in the same way?
    Please explain your plans a little.
  • When do you intend to start with the VoIP offering with Voyced?

VoIP knowledge/product specific information:

  • Do you already have a VoIP offering to your clients at this moment?
    How many clients are already using this offering?
  • What services do you want / need for Voyced?
  • How many clients do you expect (be realistic here!) to sign up in the:
    first 3 months
    6 months
    beyond the first year
  • What volume of minutes you are doing now and/or are expecting to do in the future?
  • How confident are you about reaching those targets?
  • Do you need us to supply you with telephone numbers as well, and if so, for what country/countries?
  • Do you need hardware as well?
  • Do you have VoIP proficient staff available?
  • Do you need a branded or unbranded IPPBX environment?
    Take note that an unbranded environment is more expensive.

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