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How does it all work with a Toll-Free/FreePhone DID?

TollFree / FreePhone numbers are familiar to us all as they are the numbers you can use to make sure the caller is not charged for the call, but the call receiver is. It’s most often used as service numbers for companies and they are generally only usable within the country they serve. Each countries regulator has decided on a certain range for these DIDs and they may often be in the 0800 range but it does vary greatly across the world.

We can add a full set of services to these numbers as they will come into our Hosted IPPBX solution, in the same way a Standard or Call center DID would. Voicemail, forwarding, IVR, etc., it is all possible and available to you from the moment the DID is activated. Inbound and outbound tracks can be added at a very competitive rate and to high volumes per DID.

This illustration will give examples of the different routes are that are involved in the call coming in or going out, where you will need the inbound tracks, the VoIP Channels / SIP Trunks and so forth.

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Voyced TollFree / Freephone DID explainer sheet

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