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Voyced Customer Call rates

There are many destinations to call and we strive to give you the very best tariff to all of them.
This means we will don’t just brush a lot of ‘similar’ destinations into one ‘Good for all’ tariff, but we specify the charges for each and every destination separately. That is one of the ways that we pass savings on to you if you are one of our clients.

Our tariff sheet is extensive so that you can look up the per/minute rate, for the specific destination that you want to know about, right here. Take note: We bill all calls per second to all destinations* (unless we are not allowed to do so, like for The Gambia and Mexico, for example).

What does this Tariff sheet show?

It will tell you the cost, of calling a certain destination. Remember, we don’t believe in country borders so everyone in our system gets the same, low, local rate for a call made to a certain destination. Whether you are in Paris, Rio de Janeiro or London, if you call London, Berlin or Moscow you will all get charged the very same, extremely low rate.

How to use this page:

As we do not believe in country borders, anyone within our system will get charged the same rate to that destination, which in itself will most likely save you a lot of money already, so you do not have to enter where you are calling from.

Using the Top row (3 fields)

  1. Enter the country that you want to call in the middle field, the ‘Country to call’ field, and it will show you all rates for that country.
    Please note that we give you the best rate we can to each and every destination so you are likely to see more than 1 rate to each country or area.
  2. From there you can narrow down further by using either the ‘Country/Area code’ field:
    a. If you enter a number in the left column, do so Including the country code (example: for a UK number it would start with 44) and then add area code and perhaps part of the subscriber number, until the field has no matches, then delete the last number to see the cost for that ‘area’. Another way is to enter the full number and delete from the right-hand side until a rate comes up as that will be the rate that governs that ‘area’.
    b. And/or the ‘Service/Provider type’ field by entering ‘mobile’ or the provider’s name, for example.



Country / Area Code Country to call Service / Provider type £ p/m
47478 NORWAY Norway Mobile 0.01373
474779 NORWAY Norway Mobile 0.01373
474778 NORWAY Norway Mobile 0.01373
474776 NORWAY Norway Mobile 0.01373
474775 NORWAY Norway Mobile 0.01373
474774 NORWAY Norway - Mobile Network 0.01373
474773 NORWAY Norway - Mobile Network 0.01373
474772 NORWAY Norway - Mobile Network 0.01373
474771 NORWAY Norway Mobile 0.01373
474770 NORWAY Norway Mobile 0.01373


Service / Provider type ‘Proper’ is what generally is referred to as the traditional landline.
The ‘Proper’ service type is generally the base to go from, for that country, and the specification of other numbers for that country/region starts from there.

* Most outbound calls have a 4p call set up / connect charge.
Calls/connections that stay within our system will be charged at the very low rate of £0.003 p/minute and there is no call setup charge making this a very cheap and effective solution for inter-company calls, even across countries.
All our rates and charges follow the market as closely as possible and can be adjusted on a daily basis as this will always give you the best rate that we can give you.

All rates are in £, excl. VAT and will be updated whenever needed