Porting my number?

What is porting my telephone number, can you do that will all numbers and what is involved?

To port a number means that you already have a telephone number that you want to keep and you want us to take over the use of that number from your current Telecom Provider.

What is involved in porting a number?

To allow us to port a number you will have to complete a special form but which form depends on the number and country the number belongs to.
Instructions on how to use the form and the form itself can be found here: How to use the Porting form.
Please make very sure that all the details regarding this port request are correct as an error in these details will most likely mean that the porting request will be cancelled or that it will not be allowed to go through.

Once we receive all the details we need we will start the porting process.
Depending on the number and country the porting request is for, this may take 1 to 6 weeks to complete, but in most Western-European countries it takes about 1 to 3 weeks.

What does porting a number cost?

This varies but will be indicated correctly when ordering the Standard DID with porting option or you ask us for a specific quote if your required DID is not displaying the Porting option.
If, either in ordering or in a quote, the porting cost are indicated, they are an expected cost but they may vary according to the losing provider, for example.
The indicated cost is a best case (and expected) scenario but, in the unusual case, if we get charged more we will have to transfer the extra costs to you.

If a porting request is rejected by the relevant porting authority (stemming from incorrect data submitted to Voyced) there will be a resubmission fee to be paid, so please make sure you send us the correct data.

Can Voyced port all numbers and all countries and for all types of DID that you carry?

No. We can do this for many numbers and in many countries, but not all. At least, not yet.
If you need to have your number ported and you can't select that option in the order process, send an e-mail to sales@voyced.eu or open a ticket to sales with all the info concerning this question.
We will then get back to you with answers and possibilities a.s.a.p.

Porting of single number(s), a range of numbers or only a few numbers out of a range.
We are discussing porting of singular number(s) in this article.
You may have multiple numbers to port, this just means doing more than 1 porting action at the same time, and that should not be any different unless the number(s) are part of a range.
Porting a range of numbers should not be an issue either and is handled in the same way as porting 1 or more singular numbers.

Porting a few numbers out of a range may be different.
If you so desire, we will attempt to get a part range port done correctly as well, of course, but that is dependant on the losing provider and possibilities and/or allowance to do so by any sub-supplier they used.
In preparation for such a situation, please verify that they will allow you to do this and get written approval to send to us and for future reference.
Once that is in place we can move forward but these types of ports are even more reliant on the help and approval of other parties so we can only do these as a Best-Effort service and the time-frame for such a porting action is generally substantially longer and may be more prone to delays.

What else do you need to know?

Take note:
Once the porting request has been ordered it cannot be stopped or changed.
So make sure all is ready to port and that there are no errors in the porting details and/or blocking processes that might prevent the port from going through correctly.
Especially as each porting request has to be treated as a new request and therefore will incur porting costs, as we will get charged those costs as well.

Generally, we advise you to not cancel your subscription with the losing provider yet, until the porting process has been started by us and you have had the confirmation of the porting date.
The number to be ported has to be active up until the moment that it will be ported (the actual porting date + 1)
This will generally prevent issues with the porting process or accidental deletion of the number by the losing provider.

Any new or ported DID/Number will automatically be locked from porting away for 2 months after the order has been completed to prevent abuse.

What are the actual steps of the process?

The steps may vary a little bit but you can use this as a general guideline:

With any porting request, please make sure you complete the following steps, if not already done so:

1) Complete the Customer Verification a.s.a.p.

2) Make sure that your account is in good standing, including the E-mail verification

3) Complete the full order process and upload all further documentation request as and when requested by us per mail.
This so that the uploaded documents get linked to the right order, and send for verification by our team, automatically.

4) And send us the actual number(s) to be ported so that we can verify it and make it a 100% certain that we can port it in.

5) if the porting should not be done asap, please let us know the desired porting date at this stage to prevent expectations to vary from reality.

6) We would advise you to not mention the porting out to your old provider until we have told you the actual date of the port action.
We have seen issues with old providers cancelling numbers before the porting request was approved and numbers can get lost permanently that way (see 'What else do you need to know?' ).

After this is verified and approved by us:

7) Send us the required documents and information, for each specific DID if the details are not the same for all, so that we can verify and forward it to the local authorities as soon as you can:
- Latest Invoice for the number(s) with the correct name/address details + the number on it.
- ID / Passport copy / Company Registration Certificate (if different from the one used for the client verification)
- End-user's local address from the same city as the number(s) to be ported (if our requirements indicate these are needed and if different from the one used for the client verification)

8) Fill out and sign the correct Porting Letter of Authorisation for the country you are requesting the porting for.
All these can be downloaded here (only available to download once ordered): Porting forms

Note: If there isn't a specific one for the country you are requesting, please use the 'Voyced International Porting Letter of Authorisation and Consent: Generic'

With this form, you will actually give us permission to initiate the porting request.
We will not be able to move beyond this stage without this as we need to send this to the relevant local authority as proof.

9) After these have all been checked and approved we may need to send you a special porting form that needs to be completed and returned to us, but that depends on the country the number belongs to.

Once we have done these steps we will forward them to the local authorities for their approval.
If they need anything else/more we will let you know, if the paperwork is all in good order they will start the porting process immediately.

We will always try to get a porting request fulfilled as soon as possible, unless you requested a specific date upon ordering, and we'll do everything in our power to make this happen but porting is always a Best Effort service as there are external parties, losing providers, paperwork, etc involved.

We will notify you when reaching several important steps in this porting process, which may be:
1) When the porting process has indeed been initiated with the local authorities
2) When we receive confirmation + the actual port date
3) On the day of the porting action, when we get confirmation that the porting has indeed been completed successfully. 
If you have not received 1 of these notifications when you expect it to, please get in touch right away to make sure that we have indeed been able to initiate/complete that step. 

During the actual porting period you may already be able to use our solution for making calls, as we will already enter the DID in our systems, and once the porting has been completed you will automatically also receive the calls through our solution.

If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to ask and we will try and clarify as best we can.

Last updated: 01/01/2024



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All information provided is copyrighted and purely informative in nature. It is maintained by Voyced with the greatest of care using reliable sources only.
Given the fast evolution of the telecom sector, Voyced does not offer any guarantee about the accuracy and completeness of the information offered. 
We explicitly do not give anyone permission to use this information in any other way than to inform themselves about what (legal) requirements there may be and they need to comply with when registering Services and/or DIDs with Voyced.

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