My call credit is running out what should I do?

Once you get near to the end of your credit, you will be notified when you make your next call and the system will tell you that you are nearing the end of your available Call Credit.
A mail may also be sent to your E-mail address and this is one of the many reasons why it is very important to let us know if your E-mail address has changed!

Topping up at that point is a wise thing to do as this will prevent that you might not be able to make a call or, in extreme cases, finish that call.

Once you almost running out, you'll get another notification when you are making your next call and another e-mail is sent.
With this, you should be aware that you have to take action and purchase another TopUp as soon as possible.

You can order your new TopUp when you log into our Client area as a Product Addon:
And we recommend to always add the TopUp to your Hosted IPPBX account product as that will ensure that the balance is available for all DIDs in that account.


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