What Softphone / software phone can I use with Voyced?

The Voyced SoftPhone for SmartPhones.

Voyced has released its own SoftPhone App.

It is a very robust and reliable solution that works with the latest standards in technology.
The App is available in an iOS and in an Android version and all functions and options are supported on both platforms.
It includes a resilient PUSH server implementation which will make sure you will receive your calls even if the App is in the background or not even running (as long as you do have a data/WiFi/network connection, of course).

You can order the Voyced SoftPhone  App (iOS/Android) here:
Order your Voyced SoftPhone here

There are 2 ways to buy the app:
1) Buy it Before you install. In this case, you get a significant discount.
2) After you have installed it. Our systems will detect all installs and will notify us of an install that hasn't been purchased before the install. In that case, we will invoice you the full price of the app.

What softphones have been tested and work with Voyced straight out of the box

There are various brands and implementations for softphones.
As long as they adhere to the SIP standard, they all should be fine.

We test with as many sorts as we can for compatibility reasons, but obviously, we can't test them all.

We will mention a few that we have very good experience with and that have the same/similar products on multiple platforms:

The Zoiper range of products:

Desktop Versions - take note: the Mac Version is an old v3 version at this time and we're waiting for Zoiper to update this. This may not work on the more recent Mac OS versions

Mobile/SmartPhone versions

Installing: When you installed it, go to Add Account and select the option that you already have an account. You will then be asked to select your provider, which would be the United Kingdom > Voyced of course.
All you need after that selection is your username (the DID as displayed in the Hosted IPPBX) + the Service Password for that DID*.

Take note: Zoiper has brought out a newer version (Version 5) of their app but have not made it possible for us to pre-configure that just yet.
If you prefer to use that version (which also seems to be more limited in functionality in the free version) please go to their main website.

The CounterPath range of softphones, especially the Bria versions:
You can find them here

Follow the onscreen steps for adding an account with the account-specific details* and the generic install settings.


Join Softphone and Join Express:
For iOs
An extra bonus with this software is that you can switch on and see how much credit you still have in your account (although it's somewhat unclear on the screen, it's there)
Accounts > Advanced > Account Balance Type > PortaSiP

Follow the onscreen steps for adding an account with the account-specific details* and the generic install settings.


* if you don't know where to look for those, please read the 'DID Settings E-mail' E-mail for that telephone number as it has a Step by Step guide to that information

Softphones and VoIP apps can work perfectly, but a word of warning is in place.

If you are intending to use your number only on a softphone, you should be aware of the limitation and possible issues.
These issues are not specific to the Voyced services and solution but are related to moving around and therefore switching (mobile) network access points issues.

Softphone should work very well, especially in a stable WiFi environment where you don't move around. Possible issues may start if you start moving around either in a WiFi environment or in a mobile network environment.
What happens at that time is that the phone will register with a new and different access point or tower and will have to re-initiate its network and its connections.
If you are browsing a page in your browser and this happens you may not even know it as it may mean that possible a little bit of cache will continue to show new content or there will be a little interruption and the website download will continue.

For VoIP, this is much more of an issue.
If you are in a call, the call would be interrupted or could even terminate.
But even if you are not in a call, the VoIP softphone may loose the authorised connection to the Hosted IPPBX, realise that it has done so, find the Hosted IPPBX again, initiate a reconnect with authorization and only then will be available again.
How long this reconnecting and authorising will take depends on many factors which are generally influenced by the networks involved, the speed with which the app realises things have changed and therefore knows that it should act, etc
Our servers will let any of your devices, be it hardware or software, connect as quickly as possible but there is a verification that needs to be done to prevent anyone else from abusing your accounts.

Do take all this into consideration and weigh the possible risk.
As an alternative, we would recommend that you consider adding Voyced Internal DIDs to the mix so that your devices are all on their own VoIP accounts. That way your telephone number can forward to those Internal DIDs and you can include a regular mobile or landline phone in that forwarding mix too, making sure a call would ring even if your softphone or app is not available or in the process of renewing its registration at that moment.

For Apple iOS devices the issue hasn't improved since Apple recently changed its approach to VoIP apps.
They have changed the requirements of such apps from a pull action, which was the standard for many years and still is the standard for all hardware devices, to a push approach.
Our advice: Please test your app thoroughly before relying on it as the only point of contact!

Last updated: 01/01/2024




© Voyced
All information provided is copyrighted and purely informative in nature. It is maintained by Voyced with the greatest of care using reliable sources only.
Given the fast evolution of the telecom sector, Voyced does not offer any guarantee about the accuracy and completeness of the information offered. 
We explicitly do not give anyone permission to use this information in any other way than to inform themselves about what (legal) requirements there may be and they need to comply with when registering Services and/or DIDs with Voyced.

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