Call in ‡ / Calls in (with SBU)

What does 'Call in ‡' or 'Calls in (with SBU)' mean?

We will not tolerate abuse of our systems.

Therefore, this option is meant to be a little like a Fair Use Policy and will only be used to stop abuse use or in a case where a certain client will use excessively more of that service than could / should be expected for that type of account.

This is all in order to prevent other clients from suffering from a possible deteriorated service as someone tries to misuse the service for their own benefit without regard for their fellow users.
We have to have this in place as a means to be able to warn, reprimand and possibly even stop that type of abuse.

With our Standard telephone numbers, we will not charge for Inbound calls if the numbers are used for Standard Busines Use (unless indicated otherwise).

As Inbound calls do cost money and data the Standard telephone numbers come with a requirement that there is a sort of balance between the Incoming calls and the Outgoing calls.
That way, the little bit of the small margin on the Outbound calls will pay for the inbound call costs.

If you do not expect to make any or only very few outbound calls, the Inbound Only numbers will be your better option as they do not have this requirement.
These Inbound Only numbers can still be used for Outbound calls too but there is no requirement to do so as the Inbound calls will come with a small charge to cover their own cost.

Please reach out to us if you are unclear about what you need or should opt for and/or if you want to receive a quote for, what we call, an Inbound Only number solution.

Last updated: 01/01/2024



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