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There are 4 levels at which you can join the Voyced revolution.


Whether you’re signing up as a  consumer or as a business client, the quality and service will be the trusted Voyced service which is second to none. As the various countries have their own telecom laws etc, we will send you the form and / or request for information once yo sign up. Once all details are sorted out, we’ll supply you with new number or port the numbers you are already use, if you choose to take that option, or a combination of the two of course.

From the moment you get the numbers and they have been entered into the Voyced platform you can start calling people and they can call you. All with the flexibility of the Voyced systems and the extremely low costs that go with that. Don’t wait, get in touch now!

It’s really that simple.


What better compliment for us then you, our client, telling others that Voyced is doing an awesome job at giving you the flexibility and possibilities for your telephony needs with our Voyced platform. Not to mention the fact that you are bound to make considerable savings on your telecom costs, month after month. So we’ll reward you for being a Voyced Ambassador and spreading the word about us.

Tell you boss, colleague, family and friends about your experience and tell them to sign up quoting your Ambassador code and we’ll reward you. And of course we take into account if you bring us a bigger contract, so we’ll size the reward according to the value of the new client you send to us, we don’t think we can be more fair then that.

Reseller / Dealer

Partner with Voyced and you’ll be able to supply a Commercial Grade VoIP solution without having to invest in hardware, software and the maintenance of the platform itself. And make no mistake, to do this properly, you’ll need quite a bit of money, time and manpower, as even the smallest hiccup will be noticed by your clients.

As a basis for our Voyced platform, we have chosen the Porta platform, the world’s leading VoIP platform, known for it’s stability and expandability.

What do you get and what can you do as  a reseller?

You get your own login to the Voyced system and you can add, maintain en delete your own customers and even help them create their IPPBX environment. We will back you up if you have an issue that you can’t solve. So you’ll do the first line of support and for this reason we do ask our Resellers to have a certain level of expertise.

Being a reseller of Voyced is the ideal solution if your business is in IT or telecoms and you want to expand to the world of VoIP telephony. Talk to us today and start supplying your new offering within a couple of days, you will earn extra money and have a better spot in the marketplace. Don’t hesitate, start your own VoIP offering now!


If you join Voyced at a distributor level we will supply you with your own instance of the platform. This gives you even more freedom and lets you set various options like pricing the way you want it. You can work with your own resellers and clients while you still have the certainty that we’ll keep the system up and running as well as keeping it up to date. One default instance can handle up to 7000 consecutive calls, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to deliver what you promised.

The distributor option is always  a made to measure solution, so contact us today to get the ball rolling and we’ll have you up and running faster then  you might have thought possible.